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Personal Protection

K9 CONTROL also offers TRAINING for your dog in all the aforementioned areas of protection work. Great care must be taken in evaluating a candidate for this level of training. Certain natural potentials and temperament characteristics must be present in the candidate for best results. CONTACT "K-9 CONTROL"...for a FREE evaluation/consultation concerning your dog AND your needs.

When one observes the alarming trend in our nation toward violent crimes i.e.: child abductions, Rape, Robbery, Home intrusion etc. It becomes abundantly clear the immeasurable value that a well trained and reliable "K9" can provide. The DETERNT factor alone of an impressive, alert and confident animal , coupled with the unusually crisp and precise responses to handler commands that characterize such special and elite K-9s can provide you, your family and/or staff with a peace of mind unavailable by other means. Unlike an "alarm" system a well trained K-9 can travel with you in various situations and provides a "Real" and immediate deterrent to a violent crime. A well trained "K9 CONTROL PROTECTION DOG "can undeniably be a true lifesaver. There has been a tremendous increase in the use of highly trained K-9s by both local and federal law enforcement agencies as well as the United States military since the events of 9/11. These agencies are recognizing and developing systems to maximize the effectiveness of BOTH these talented animals and their trainer/handlers. Trained K-9s are at the forefront of anti-terrorist security the world around and can be a source of great comfort and security for you, your family and/or business as well.

*K9 CONTROL can provide by "special order" State- of the- Art protection dog services. With over 30 years experience in the police K-9 ,personal protection and competitive protection sports industries, k9 control understands both the needs and concerns of the discriminating buyer. Highly trained and certified animals of most "working" breeds can be hand selected and custom trained to exacting specifications. Great attention is paid that the right animal and handler training are brought together so that the ideal balance between companionship and security is reached.

K-9 CONTROL can provide their state of the art protection dog services in the following areas:

  1. Personal/Executive Protection
  2. Home/Family Protection
  3. Commercial /Industrial security
  4. Police K-9 Patrol

If you are interested in any of our "Dog Training" services, Contact K9 Control to set up a free consultation and live demonstration.